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Spiritual Egg Cleanse







The practice is said to improve and deep cleanse your physical body and emotional wellbeing, through all times, dimensions & space, in this lifetime as well as past life(s).

An egg is the symbol of life in its purist and simplest form.


In Mesoamerican culture, there is the little-known ritual of egg cleansing or limpías, whereby shamans cleared your energy fields and removed the surrounding physical toxins using raw eggs in their shells.

Regular egg healers believe that the eggs are energetically polarised and will draw negatively charged energy away from the body.


Some shamans report eggs becoming significantly heavier as they perform the ritual. In more extreme cases, energy fields are reported to become so heavy the egg explodes under pressure.


Should this happen during your practice, the process will need to be started again with a new egg. You have a considerable amount of negative energy to extract!

The practice will be completed over two sessions via video call.


My unique practice has proved to be very successful and powerful. You may feel a little under the weather for a few days afterwards because of the cleanse so you will need to drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. This is all normal and you will resume back to a lighter, more normal self, within a few days.

The first session includes the actual cleanse process along with a reading and findings.

The second session will be a follow up on how you are feeling and seeing physical progress from the first.

This session will not be recorded and will not be permitted.

This is for over 18's only.

(A photograph of yourself front and back is required before the first session commences.)

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